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These are the Rules and Regulations of Pokemon Voyage. They can also be found here. Everyone MUST follow these rules, therefore it would be smart to read though them before playing the game.

All of the rules and regulations are subject to immediate change and modification.



  • The list here overrules any other list that you may find. This article is the primary list of rules and regulations.
  • If you are banned on the forums, RPG, Chat, or Wiki, you could get banned on all 4 if the staff feel that it is necessary.
  • Members may only send a private message to ONE staff member at a time when it comes to dealing with reports or other issues. Contacting multiple staff members all at once with the same issue may result in a ban.
  • If you are caught breaking any of the rules or regulations, you will be dealt with accordingly, despite how long ago the action took place.
  • Do not bug staff members about unbanning an account that doesn't belong to you.
  • Don't bother trying to lie to a staff member. It's REALLY easy to figure the truth out.
  • If you break any of the RPG rules, assume that your RPG accounts will never be unbanned. However, you are allowed to make a new RPG account and "restart."
  • Forum bans are usually temporary. If you are banned on the forums, you will immediately be alerted of when/if you will be unbanned.

General Rules (Apply to all parts of Pokemon Voyage)

  • In general, be polite and respectful. To not start arguments and/or flame with other people. Do not harass others.
  • Do not advertise other Pokemon RPGs.
  • Do not post inappropriate/illegal links. This includes TORRENTS.
  • Do not user vulgar/inappropriate language.
  • Keep your usernames appropriate.
  • Do not spam and/or flood.
  • Pokemon attracts younger players, so keep the atmosphere of Pokemon Voyage clean and kid-friendly.
  • Do not impersonate others.
  • Do not scam new members out of their Pokemon (such as special promos, daily prizes, or rare Pokemon), by offering them Pokemon that are clearly worth much less (in terms of value, rarity, likeness, etc). It can still be considered scamming if you private message the member beforehand to discuss the trade and they agree to it.
  • English only.
  • Listen to staff members. Do not ignore them.

RPG Rules

  • Do not create more than 2 RPG accounts. Assume that you can obtain event Pokemon and Promos on both accounts unless otherwise stated. If someone else under your IP address, such as a sibling, wishes to try Pokemon Voyage, send a Personal Message (PM) to a Moderator explaining the situation.
  • Having your friends or someone you know create and account or two just to get you event Pokemon, promos, etc, is NOT allowed.
  • Do not cheat. This includes using any program that would give you an advantage in the game. You are NOT allowed to use multiple tabs and/or browser windows to train. In general, you may not use anything or abuse any glitches that give you an unfair advantage over other players.

  • When battling other Pokemon, you MUST complete the battle. This means that you cannot leave the battle before it is over.
  • Do NOT use any glitches that you find to your advantage. Report them to a Moderator or an Administrator immediately. You may NOT trade for/trade glitched Pokemon. Note: Missingno. is not a glitched Pokemon. It was released legitimately.
  • Do NOT share accounts with other people. This means that no one should know your password and/or have access to your account except for you.
  • Trading accounts is NOT allowed. You may not give your account to someone else for free, or for some form of payment.
  • Intersite trading is NOT permitted. For example, you are not allowed to trade money on Runescape in exchange for Pokemon on Pokemon Voyage.
  • You may NOT spend real money to gain things on Pokemon Voyage or vice versa.
  • Do not scam users. This includes agreeing to send them money if they trade you a Pokemon and then not giving them the money, tricking users into believing that some other account belongs to you, claiming to contest Pokemon that you don't have, etc. If you are scammed send a Personal Message (PM) to a Moderator with any evidence that you have.
  • If your RPG account is banned, send a Personal Message (PM) to the staff member who banned you. Do NOT create threads about it.
  • No staff member will ever need your password. Keep your password to yourself.
  • If your account is banned permanently, and the evidence used to ban your account is very solid, your Pokemon may be moved to ID #1337, the Moderator contest account.
  • If all of your accounts are banned, you ARE allowed to make a new account and start fresh.

Forum Rules (Apply to all Sections)

  • Do not abuse the reporting system. This includes reporting for no reason, reporting the same post multiple times, etc.
  • Do not have offensive material in your signature. This includes pictures. Do NOT put a clip and/or video in your signature.
  • You are not allowed to forge quotes and claim that they are legitimate.
  • Don't ban evade. If you are banned, just wait for your ban to expire, assuming it's temporary. Do not create a new forum account to get around it. If your forum ban is permanent, you may not create a new forum account.
  • Do not create threads directed at one user.
  • Do not spam/flood threads unless the creator is okay with it. Even then, if a Moderator/Administrator asks you to stop, you must do so, despite what the creator of the thread says. This includes spamming threads with advertisements for your Pokemon Voyage Guild.
  • Creating threads discussing promotional Pokemon and/or event Pokemon is not allowed.
  • Do NOT ask for free Pokemon.
  • Do not post the personal information of another user without their consent.
  • Do not create threads for the sole purpose of spamming.
  • Avoid double posting (posting 2 or more times in a row, with less than 20mins between each post). Use the edit button instead.
  • Do not bump threads that you didn't make.
  • If the creator of a thread asks you to leave their thread, do so quietly.
  • Do not bump threads more than a month old. That is called "necroposting", and is not allowed.
  • Do not create your own "censor system" and do not avoid the censor system that is already in place.
  • Avoid posting extremely large pictures.
  • Do NOT change your birthday. Members often do this in an attempt to receive the pink username that members are given on their birthday. If you are caught, consequences will follow.

The Lounge

  • The Lounge is meant to host threads that don't fit into any other section. But before posting here, ensure that your topic doesn't fit into any other section!
  • "Spam" threads and/or "General Discussion" threads are not allowed. The Lounge is meant for "General Discussion" so don't try and fit an entire section into one thread.
  • Do not create threads that promote flaming. This includes, but is not limited to, threads that discuss the superior religion, and poor ethics. Feel free to have discussions about controversial topics, including those, but keep them mature, and do not spread hate against identifiable groups.


  • Keep your "entertainment" discussions appropriate
  • Most of the rules for this section are the same as the General Forum Rules, so just refer to that list.

Game Studio
  • Do not provide links to download/play games illegally
  • Do not discuss inappropriate, or adult games
  • Do not post violent or offensive screenshots, etc.

Movie Cinema
  • Do not post links to sites where you can watch movies illegally.
  • Do not discuss movies that are for mature audiences.


  • Keep the images and artwork clean and appropriate.
  • Do not steal artwork. Do not post artwork that does not belong to you and claim that it is yours. That is plagiarism.
  • Keep your harsh comments to yourself. Provide constructive criticism, do not post derogatory comments regarding the work of someone else.
  • Do not beg someone to create artwork for you.
  • You ARE allowed to make threads asking for Pokemon in exchange for signatures that you made, etc.


  • A lot of anime has adult material and/or strong violence. Do not discuss that here.
  • Do not provide links where you can watch/download anime illegally.

  • No unique rules; general forum and Anime section rules apply here

Tech Stop

  • Watch out for things that you may confuse with other sections, such as movies and music, which belong in the "Movie Cinema" and "Entertainment" section respectively.
  • Any information you receive here may or may not be true, use it at your own discretion. For example, using the advice that a member gave you to fix your laptop is done at your own risk.

Homework Help

  • You are not allowed to ask people to do your homework for you.
  • Please use Google and other online resources before asking here.
  • People who choose to answer, please do not "give" away free answers, though it is at your own discretion. It would be more beneficial if you help the individuals understand the concept.
  • You may use the attachment feature to attach images of questions/solutions, if you choose to do them by hand.
  • Do not take credit for someone else's work; i.e. don't tell someone to write an essay for you.
  • Answers in point form are encouraged.
  • Be respectful, and follow the general Pokemon Voyage rules.

Help Section

  • This section is for RPG help. If you need help with something that does not pertain to Pokemon Voyage, post in one of the other discussion categories (Ex. If you need help with art, post in the Artwork section. If you need help with homework, post in The Lounge).
  • Check the [FAQ], and Wiki before posting here. Also, look through the Help Section to check if someone else has already asked the same question.
  • Post any guides to Pokemon Voyage that you have created here. If they are approved or deemed necessary, a staff member will move your guide to the [FAQ].


  • This section is only for errors that have to do with Pokemon Voyage.
  • Before posting, look through the section to see if a thread has already been created pertaining to your error.
  • Do NOT abuse any errors/glitches that you find.


  • Do not have more than 2 trade threads on the first page of the Trading Section. If you have 2, they should NOT be the same thing.
  • Do not create threads with Pokemon that you do not own.
  • Keep trading in the Trading Section.
  • Link your account(s) before posting in the Trading Section. Click [here] to learn how to link your account.
  • Do not beg for free Pokemon.
  • Do not create threads with misleading/deceiving titles. This includes putting Pokemon that you don't own in your title just to gain attention.
  • You must wait 20mins before bumping your trade thread.
  • Do not bump a trade thread that doesn't belong to you. This includes "free bumps."
  • Do not trade "glitched" Pokemon. Missingno. is NOT a glitch.
  • Do not trade accounts.


  • Do not "rig" contests.
  • No trading here.
  • Only make contests that give everyone a fair chance.
  • Link the account(s) that has/have the prize(s) in it before creating a contest.
  • Do not create contests that require members to participate in other RPGs.
  • Do not create fake and/or scamming contests.
  • Some contests require you to submit something. Do not plagiarise. Plagiarism is illegal.
  • Do not create contests to gain profit. Contests that require participants to donate Pokemon are allowed, HOWEVER the creator of the contest is not allowed to make a profit through the contest. If he/she is keeping the Pokemon that are being donated to him/her, the prize(s) must outweigh the Pokemon he/she is receiving.
  • Do not create "spam" contests. This includes posting contests. All posting contests will be locked.
  • Contests that involve a form of gambling, such as a lottery, are NOT allowed.

Pokemon Voyage Guilds

  • Do not trade in this section.
  • Do not flame/argue with other guilds, or within your own guild.
  • Do not advertise your guild by spamming other threads.
  • Keep your guild appropriate for all ages.
  • The founder/creator of the guild has the right to not allow you into his/her guild and to ask you to leave the thread.
  • Stay POLITE. If you are denied when attempting to join a guild, do not start arguing.
  • Do not bad mouth other guilds.
  • Do not directly compare your guild to another specific one. This includes posting "We're better than The Example Guild!", but does not include posting "We're the best guild!"
  • This section is basically a place to let your spam out. However guilds made for the sole purpose of spamming will be locked.

Note: Friendly competition between guilds is allowed.


  • Look through the Suggestions section before creating a thread, your idea may have already been suggested.
  • Suggest ideas that would be beneficial for Pokemon Voyage. Don't spam the section with "joke" ideas.
  • Do not create threads asking for the release of a certain Pokemon.
  • When replying to an idea, be polite and respectful about it. Also, avoid saying "Yes" or "No." Try to give constructive feedback.
  • Do not suggest ideas that would simply make the game "easier."
  • When posting a thread here, you MUST follow this format:
What my idea is:
Why I think it's beneficial to the RPG:
Why I think it's beneficial to the community:
You must also add a Poll. A simple Yes/No Poll is fine.

Chat Rules

  • Do not abuse the flagging system.
  • Be polite, you’ll get back what you give.
  • Keep your conversation topics appropriate.
  • No inappropriate language.
  • No flaming.
  • No spamming.
  • No impersonating others.
  • No sharing of inappropriate videos and/or pictures.
  • Do not discuss other Pokemon RPGs.
  • Do not advertise other websites.
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