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Moderators are assigned the task of enforcing rules and monitoring users across the forums, RPG, and Chat. Moderators on the forums can be distinguished by their blue username. Moderators have the ability to ban members on any part of Pokemon Voyage, and also have many other "powers". ID #1337 is the moderator contest account (the account where prizes for most moderator contests come from).

Current Moderators (From oldest to newest)

Former Moderators (From oldest to newest)

Zya (ID: #16) - The first moderator of Pokemon Voyage. Zya has done a lot for the RPG in the past. He's a very popular member, and is friendly with everyone. In November 2012, after months of being a moderator, Zya requested a demotion because he felt that he could no longer carry out his duties as a moderator. After his demotion, he remained active for a few weeks, however he has less free time now and tends to come and go.

Sureenuh (ID: #97) - The first female staff member of Pokemon Voyage. Sureenuh was a very friendly person. She was always willing to lend out a helping hand, and knew when to be serious and strict. She left PV due to personal reasons, and tended to come and go. She was demoted after she left PV for good.

Cresthawk (ID: #165) - Cresthawk was promoted to moderator in October 2012. His promotion was sudden and unexpected. After a few weeks of serving as a moderator, Cresthawk requested a demotion because he felt that he wasn't doing anything, and because he wasn't very interested in being a moderator. He isn't as active as he used to be, however he still logs on every now and then.

jamezilla (ID: #49) - jamezilla was the second moderator of Pokemon Voyage. He was very hardworking and productive, especially when it came to the RPG. Known for his ridiculously thought out and complicated ideas, as well as his lack of grammar, jamezilla was constantly trying to make PV a better place. He also contributed to the Wiki. However, he claimed that he is leaving Pokemon Voyage for various reasons in January 2013, and so he lost his position. His Moderator Pokemon was ShinyRalts. Like many other past staff members, he tends to come and go.

Zarquad (ID: #3) - Promoted to the position of Super Moderator (which was recreated when he was promoted) on March 25, 2013. Promoted to Administrator on April 04, 2013.

Scottylepeh (ID: #25) - Promoted to Super Moderator on May 22, 2013 along with Ghost.

Ghost (Also known as "Aurora") (ID: #67) - Promoted to Super Moderator on May 22, 2013.

Canine (ID #3794) - Canine was promoted to Junior Moderator on July 5, 2013. He is known for his love for, well, canines. Canine has come up with countless ideas for Pokemon Voyage and has always shown support and dedication to the game. Most of the achievements on the RPG were designed by Canine. He was promoted for his maturity and loyalty, and as a result, became one of the youngest staff members on Pokemon Voyage. Canine was promoted to moderator on August 27, 2013 (The release date of v2.0), after dedicating weeks to helping the rest of the staff team with v2. He resigned only a couple days later, on August 29, 2013, due to a significant lack of free time once school started for him.

GDeoxys (ID #878) - Promoted to Super Moderator on November 19, 2014.

Axis (ID #28) - Promoted to Super Moderator on September 5, 2017.

Heaven (ID #483) - Heaven has been around since the beginning of Pokemon Voyage. He made sure to always make new members feel welcomed, as well as helping out his fellow members with any issues they may have had. He was promoted to Moderator on November 24, 2014. He is the first member to be promoted to the position of Moderator since Ghost without first being an Assistant or Junior Moderator. He requested and was granted a demotion on January 13, 2018.

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