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You can increase the level of your Pokemon by training them. Before you can train your Pokemon, read Setting Pokemon Moves to set your Pokemon moves.

How Training Works

The best way to train your Pokemon is to battle other trainers. You can do this by going to "Pokemon" then clicking "Battle Trainers." Here you enter the username, as well as the ID number of the account that you wish to battle. As time goes on, members will create "gyms" which are IDs with Chansey/Blissey in the roster. These Pokemon give you much more experience than normal Pokemon, so battling these accounts is the best way to gain levels fast. Both Pokemon are normal Pokemon, so using a strong fighting type Pokemon with a strong fighting type move (Such as Focus Punch) is recommend. The term "Training Pokemon" is used to refer to a Pokemon that an individual primarily trains. As previously mentioned, the best Pokemon to use for training are fighting type Pokemon, such as Heracross, Breloom, Machamp, and Conkeldurr. However, any Pokemon can still be used for training. As with the fighting types, just use a one of the stronger moves for their type.

Benefits of Training

You gain 2 things every time you defeat a Pokemon. EXPERIENCE POINTS and MONEY. The level of your Pokemon will increase as you achieve experience points, and money can be used to buy other Pokemon. You get more money the higher the level of the Pokemon you defeat. Some members on the forums are also willing to pay members using money and/or Pokemon to train their Pokemon to a specific level.

Training Gyms

Below is a list of official training gyms. All of the gyms have a roster of 6 of the Pokemon indicated. If you wish to create your own official gym, click here to learn how to. The amount of money earned per battle depends on the level of the Pokemon you are battling with.

ID Number Username Pokemon Level Exp per Battle Notes
#878 GDeoxys Shedinja 4 24 1 Exp gym (Exp Share used)
#20073 Zarquads Gym Happiny 5 3000
#20100 Prodz Gym Happiny 20 12,000
#20147 Prodz Gym 2 Happiny 50 30,000
#20148 Prodz Gym 3 Blissey 80 122,400
#20090 E4 Gym Blissey 100 153,000
#20149 deepakw Gym Blissey 150 229,500
#21917 Cloud Gym Blissey 200 306,000
#56639 Hassan Gym Blissey 250-251 382,755
#23304 Typhlosion Gym Blissey 299-305 460,785
#106591 GDeoxys Training Gym Blissey 400-407 618,120
#52871 Dont Hurt My ShinyBlissey 500-501 880,048
#66040 Ease Gym Blissey 610-612 934,320
#30 SPaulo Blissey-ShinyBlissey 810 1,239,300
#551 RazorWing Blissey-AquaBlissey 1000-1358 1,425,195 This isn't an official gym yet (contains 5 Blisseys in the roster).
#88 AysoV2 Blissey-ShinyBlissey 1100-2616 2,231,044 This gym is still under construction.
#10 Gym1500 MagmaBlissey 1500 2,295,000
#72 cute Blissey 1500-1585 2,360,025
#690 poopy baby Normal/Shiny/Magma/Aqua Blissey and MagmaChansey 1500-3000 2,670,000
#22 ItachiUchiha MagmaBlissey 2000 3,060,000
#52 Itachi Uchiha MagmaBlissey 2500 3,825,000
#32 Gym3000 MagmaBlissey 3000 4,590,000
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