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The RPG section of this forum has many different things to offer. Make sure that you read the Rules and Regulations before posting. Here is a list of the sub forms in the RPG section:

Help Section: If you are having any kind of problem in the RPG or in the forums, you can simply make a thread posting on what you need help in. There are many helpful members in this community and you can hopefully get your answer. Sometimes the questions can only be answered by staff, so you might need to wait a bit for them to answer.

Errors: Post any kinds of errors or glitches that you are facing in either the RPG or the forum in this section. You will be helped accordingly. This section also helps in improving the RPG so that no further errors occur and the site can run smoothly.

Trading: This section is one of the most popular and the most active one on the forum. You can create threads about the Pokemon you are trading and the people interested will offer on your Pokemon. It is your choice to either accept or decline the offers.

Contests: The contests sections allows you to hold contests of you own plus take part in contests that belong to others. It is a good way to obtain new Pokemon and have fun, so it is recommended that you take part in them, especially if you are new.

Pokemon Voyage Guilds: In this section, you can create your own "Guilds" and/or joint the guilds of others. A guild is a group where members get together to accomplish tasks, participate in contests, and have fun.

Suggestions: This section allows you to suggest different ideas that could be added to the RPG or the forums. As the site is still in its' Beta version, suggestions are really appreciated as there is a lot of room for improvement. The RPG should grow collectively so if you have any good ideas, it is recommended that you go to the Suggestions section. When posting a suggestion, please follow the outline explained in the thread that is at the top.[1]

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