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Make sure that you read the Rules and Regulations before posting.

The Lounge: This is a section for different, random stuff. All those topics that do not go under any other section on this forum belong to this section. You can chat to the other users and share anything you like as long as it does not offend anyone. Keep in mind that this is a Pokemon RPG so the majority of the users are children mostly belonging to the age group of 10-17, so the things you post should be appropriate.

Entertainment: Who doesn't like entertainment? Music, sports, T.V., and more all goes in here! Although make sure you don't post anime, movies, or video/online games in here, as there are other sections/sub sections for those. Sub Sections: Game Studio, Movie Cinema

Game Studio (Sub Section of Entertainment): This gaming section is for all the gamers. You can chat about different games. You can also get some information on new and upcoming games through this section.

Movie Cinema (Sub Section of Entertainment): Talk about different films and get to know about whats new in the film world. It is an easy way to learn about many new films and chat with other film lovers.

Artwork: If you like to share your artwork, this is the place to go. You can show all kinds of art work that you have been doing to other users. If you want to get something made, like a sprite or a banner, you can go through this section, many users help out by making this kind of stuff.

Anime: All you anime fans can go to this section and chat about your favourite anime. This being a Pokemon RPG, you'll meet a lot of anime fans on the forum. So this section is a good way to interact with them. Sub Section: Manga

Manga (Sub Section of Anime): A place to discuss manga, that may or may not have an anime connected to it.

Tech Stop: The place to go for all of your tech needs! You can discuss things such as laptops, PCs, phones, programming, hardware, and more! Ask for help with picking out a laptop, talk about your favourite phone, learn a few new things about a programming language. There's something for everyone at the Tech Stop!

Homework Help: As the name implies, post any homework you're having trouble with here to try and get some help from some other members!

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