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On Pokemon Voyage, your childhood friend and rival, Barry, may occasionally challenge you to a battle. He will challenge you randomly as you browse the RPG. He can appear on each and every page, however you only have to battle him if you want to. If you defeat your rival, you may receive a very powerful Pokemon from him as a reward! If you need help winning the battle, use this Rival Battle Guide or Rival Battle Guide.


Your Rival's Team

The levels of Barry's Pokemon are all a certain percentage higher than the highest Pokemon in your roster. For example, if the highest Pokemon in your roster is level 620, all of Barry's Pokemon will be level 710.

Former Team:
Infernape ♂ (Level: ???)
Empoleon ♂ (Level: ???)
Torterra ♂ (Level: ???)
Rapidash ♀ (Level: ???)
Staraptor ♂ (Level: ???)
Heracross ♀ (Level: ???)

Current Team:
DarkMewtwo (Level: ???)
GoldenCharizard ♂ (Level: ???)
MagmaRayquaza (Level: ???)
DarkDeoxys (Level: ???)
ShinyLugia (Level: ???)
GoldenHo-Oh (Level: ???)

Prizes Awarded

Latias ♀ (Level: 100)
Latios ♂ (Level: 100)
Rayquaza (Level: 100)
Deoxys (Level: 100)
Darkrai (Level: 100)
Mew (Level: 100)
Mewtwo (Level: 100)
Articuno (Level: 100)
Moltres (Level: 100)
Zapdos (Level: 100)
Ho-oh (Level: 100)
Lugia (Level: 100)

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