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On Pokemon Voyage you can send private messages to other accounts on the actual RPG. However note that you can only have a total of 50 messages in your inbox and outbox combined. If you wish to communicate with members more freely and in a better environment, sign up on the Pokemon Voyage Forums.


Your inbox holds all of the PMs that you have received. You can delete PMs by checking the box then clicking "Delete Selected Messages" at the bottom of the page. Click on a message title to view that message. At the bottom you will see four buttons: reply, forward, delete, and report. Do NOT abuse the report button. Only use it to report people who are breaking the Pokemon Voyage Rules and Regulations.

Compose Message

On this page you can create a message. Simply enter the username/ID of the account that you would like to message, enter a subject, then enter the actual message. Click "Click here to send your private message" and the message will be delivered. Note that you cannot unsend messages.

Send Messages (Outbox)

Here you can view all of the messages that you have sent to other accounts. The format is the same as your inbox.

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