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Pokemon Voyage Guilds are similar to clans. Guilds have their own section on the forums, the Pokemon Voyage Guilds.

Guilds are created by other members as a group where some members of the community come together. You can read any of the guild threads, for information on how to join and what the guild is about. Guilds are not 'official' groups, so your membership to a guild is as simple as being a part of the thread. Pokemon Voyage Guilds are a great place to get together and hang out with your friends. You can join as many guilds as you want, although that doesn't mean go sign up for every single one that you see until you're in 50!

A lot of guilds have frequent contests and events, which you could look forward to as a member of a guild. Most guilds also have rankings, and you can be promoted to new rankings as you participate in the guild.

You can also make your own guild! Just make sure that your guild has a nice introduction, that explains what your guild is about.

Guilds can be mentioned in signatures, however please do not spam other threads with invitations to guilds.

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