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Click User then select "My Pokemon Box" to navigate to this page. On this page your entire Pokemon box is listed on the left, and on the right you have the box organizer tool.

My Pokemon Box

Not actual size.

Here your entire box is listed. Scroll down the list to few more Pokemon. This list can be copied and pasted for trade threads on the Pokemon Voyage Forums.

Box Organizer

The box organizer is very useful for making trade threads. Simply click the "Organize My Box" button, and you will be given some code in a white box to paste directly into your trade thread.

The categories that your Pokemon are organized in are as follows:
Golden Pokemon
Un-gendered Pokemon
Shiny Pokemon
Dark Pokemon
Aqua Pokemon
Magma Pokemon
Level 4 Pokemon
Legendary Pokemon
Leveled Pokemon (Above Level 100)
Other Pokemon

If you don't have any Pokemon in a specific category, the category will not show up. Some Pokemon will appear in multiple sections, if they belong there. For example, GoldenJirachi will appear in both the Legendary Pokemon and Golden Pokemon section, and possibly either the Level 4 Pokemon or Leveled Pokemon section.

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