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Members of the Month are people who have been a positive aspect of the community for a prolonged period of time. Every month, one person was chosen as the Member of the Month and was given a DarkEevee. The Member of the Month event no longer takes place, and therefore no more DarkEevees will be released. Members of the Month have their own member group on the forums, however their usernames are black just like regular members.

Members of the Month (From oldest to newest)

  • jamezilla, ID #49 (Also a past Moderator)
  • Cyenso, ID #48
  • Zarquad, ID #3 (Also an Administrator)
  • Rage2012, ID #157
  • TheZanker, ID #18 (Original ID was #60. He later won ID #18 and ID #4 through contests)
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