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When you link your account, your RPG ID(s) will be displayed on your profile, and below your avatar on each one of your posts. You MUST have at least one account linked before trading and/or participating in contests.

To link your account, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to "User CP."

2. Under "Your Profile," click "Edit Profile."

3. Once you've reached the page, look under "Additional information."

4. You will see "Trainer ID(s):" under the "Website URL" option.

5. Type in YOUR ID# in the "Trainer ID(s):" option.

6. Click "Update profile" below.

Simple, now you have linked your account(s)!

Note: You are ONLY allowed to enter YOUR RPG ID(s) into the box. You may NOT put unrelated things into the box, or ID(s) that do not belong to you. Though feel free to note which account is your main/storage/etc.

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