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To edit your profile, click the "Profile" tab on the yellow toolbar located at the top of the page. Then click "Modify Profile" to see all of your options.

A detailed explanation of each option located in the "Modify Profile" tab:


Account Settings

Username - View your username. You cannot edit your username.

Email - The email address associated with your account. For details on how to change it, view Changing Your Email Address. You can also choose whether to let other users email you by selecting or not selecting the box. The option below lets you hide your online status from other users.

Choose Password/Verify Password - You can change your password here. Put your desired password in both boxes.

Secret Question + Answer - If you loose your password, you will be given a question to answer. If it is answered correctly, you will be able to set a new password for your account. You can choose that question and the answer here. In the first box, insert a question that only YOU know the answer to. In the second, insert the answer.

Current Password - For security purposes, your current password is required to make any changes to your account. Type it here before moving on.

After you are done with customizing your settings, click "Change profile" to save your changes!

Forum Profile

Personalized Picture - Set your avatar. For details see Adding An Avatar.

Personal Text - You may insert a small sentence here. The sentence will appear on your profile and under your avatar, on every post you make.

Birthdate - Insert your birthday (Year (YYYY) - Month (MM) - Day (DD)).

Location - Insert your location.

Gender - Pick your gender (Male/Female).

Contact Information - You may input your ICQ, AIM, MSN, and YIM information here.

Signature - You may insert your signature here. Your signature will appear under every post that you make, and on your profile. Don't make it too long, and keep it appropriate. You are limited to 400 characters. All tags (BBcode) work in your signature, including images. Images larger than 500 x 100 will be resized automatically.

Website Title and URL - You may type your website and website title here, if you have one. If you provide a URL, a title is required.

Trainer ID(s) - Type your RPG ID(s) here. This is called "Linking your Account." Do NOT type anything else here, IDs ONLY. If you wish to run a contest or post in the trading section, you must have at least one of your accounts linked.

Click "Change profile" to save your changes!

Look and Layout

Current Theme - You can change the forums theme here, if you don't want to use the default one.

Time - In this section, you can choose how to format your time, and how to change it so that it matches your time zone.

There are many other small boxes and options that you can read through to further customize what the forums are like to you.

Click "Change profile" once you are done to save your changes.


Go here to edit your notification settings. You can choose to receive notifications or choose to not receive them. If you choose to receive them, you are given options to further customize your notifications. This section is fairly straightforward. Simply read the information on the page.

Personal Messaging

Formatting your PM Box - At the top, you can pick which PMs are listed and how they are ordered.

Permissions and Notifications - Set who can send your PMs and how you are notified when you get one.

Other - The final two options are saving messages that you have sent (in your Sent box) and "Remove the inbox label when applying another label."

Buddies/Ignore List: Here you can edit your buddies/ignore list. You can add and remove members from them. You will not be able to see messages from people on your ignore list.

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