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Chat Moderators are assigned the task of enforcing rules and monitoring users on the Pokemon Voyage Discord. If you have any issues concerning PV's Discord, feel free to send a Personal Message (PM) to any of the Chat Moderators. Chat Moderators can be distinguished by their orange username on Discord.

If you are interested in being a Chat Moderator, contact GDeoxys on the forums/Discord.

Current Chat Moderators (From oldest to newest)

Jamezilla (ID #49) - Promoted to the position of Chat Moderator (which was created when he was promoted) to help with maintaining the chat. Jamezilla is known for his time as a Moderator, his wonderfully complex ideas, and as the creator of the ProfOak Discord bot.

Ayso (ID #50) - Ayso has always been willing to aid Pokemon Voyage staff, whether it be on the Chat, Forums, Rpg or Wiki. Ayso has experience as a former Assistant (The position was named "Wiki Editor" when he was originally promoted), and as such was promoted to help with the growing chat.

Misterpokemon (ID #57) - Misterpokemon, known as "Dark Yagami" on Discord, was promoted to Chat Moderator along with Ayso. Since finally prying away his precious Celebi (?) from Zarquad, MPK has found it hard to find meaning in life, and decided it was time to give back. MPK also helps the Pokemon Voyage staff team maintain the wiki, so if you find any errors be sure to pm him. He was also promoted for being so dashing, brave, and handsome, you know, in a sort of Magikarp kinda way.

Former Chat Moderators (From oldest to newest)

Ehsanmasood (ID #7122) - Promoted along with Jamezilla, Ehsan was very helpful in the beginning of the Pokemon Voyage Discord. However, after a few weeks he requested a demotion because he felt that he wasn't doing anything, and because he wasn't very interested in being a Chat Moderator.

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