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Moderator Pokemon are often given to staff members (primarily Super Moderators and Moderators). Staff members are given a single Pokemon that cannot be obtained elsewhere. These Pokemon are then used in special contests run by staff members. Moderators and Super Moderators also contest Pokemon from IDs #1337, and #94, however Moderator Pokemon can only be contested by the staff member that they belong to. Administrators on the other hand, can create and contest any Pokemon that they want, albeit they may chose to still have an official "Moderator Pokemon."

Below are the past and current moderator Pokemon. Click on the specific links to find out what Variation of Pokemon that the moderator Pokemon is, and the staff member who owns it. Moderator Pokemon described as "previously contested" will not be re-released, either because the staff member who created the Pokemon was demoted, or because the staff member changed their moderator Pokemon.

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