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"Administrator" is the highest rank. Administrators maintain, update, and run Pokemon Voyage. They can be distinguished by their red username. Please try contacting Super Moderators, Moderators, Junior Moderators, and/or Assistants for help before contacting an administrator, unless you are certain that only an administrator can help you. Note that moderators have control over bans and warnings on Pokemon Voyage.

Current Administrators (From oldest to newest)

Kakashi (ID: #1) - Kakashi is the creator and owner of Pokemon Voyage. He has programmed almost the entire RPG on his own. He's an active and popular member of the community. If you don't already know him, he'll probably insult you, but he's joking... most of the time. Kakashi is known for his countless trolls and great posts. Oh, and don't call him "Kaka." He doesn't like that. Do not PM Kakashi to fight your ban, report a member, or ask for help. Always PM an Assistant/Junior Moderator/Moderator/Super Moderator first.

Former Administrators (From oldest to newest)

Poe (ID: #2) - Poe is the fourth or so member to join Pokemon Voyage, however he was given ID #2 by Kakashi because of his position. He was a Super Moderator when the forums were created, but after a day or two, he became an Administrator. He helped promote Pokemon Voyage during, but quickly became extremely inactive. He came back to Pokemon Voyage every couple of months, had a contest or two, then left. He was demoted due to his inactivity. His Moderator Pokemon were DarkTauros and ShinyTauros.

Zarquad (ID: #3) - Zarquad was the first member to join Pokemon Voyage, and has been an active member ever since. Known for being addicted to the point that he's memorized almost everything to do with Pokemon Voyage, you'll probably be able to get answers from him. His Moderator Pokemon were ShinyWynaut and GoldenMeowth. He was promoted to Super Moderator on March 25, 2013 after almost a year of being a Moderator. He was promoted to Administrator on April 04, 2013. He requested and was permitted a demotion on December 27, 2017.

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