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Achievements are a new aspect of v2. Members can unlock achievements and be rewarded with 10 Achievement coins per achievement, which can be spent in the Achievement Shop. Achievements are unlocked by doing specific things in the RPG. They can be viewed on profiles in the achievements tab, and the people with the most achievement coins can be viewed under "Rankings." Below is a list of current known Achievements.

List of Achievements

Achievement How to obtain
Gangnam Style Have a roster of six Psyduck.
Learning the Ropes Win your first gym badge.
Curious Check the Rarity List 100 times.
On the Road to Victory Defeat 8 Gym leaders.
A Worthy Adversary Defeat 16 Gym leaders.
A Seasoned Trainer Defeat 24 Gym leaders.
The Greatest Challenger Defeat 32 Gym leaders.
Pokemon Master Defeat 40 Gym leaders.
Champion of Kanto Beat the Kanto Elite Four.
Champion of Johto Beat the Johto Elite Four.
Champion of Hoenn Beat the Hoenn Elite Four.
Champion of Sinnoh Beat the Sinnoh Elite Four.
Champion of Unova Beat the Unova Elite Four.
Rolling in Dough Have 100 Million Dollars.
On the Dark Side Have 50 Dark Pokemon.
Made of Gold Have 50 Golden Pokemon.
Shining Star Have 50 Shiny Pokemon.
Team Magma Have 50 Magma Pokemon.
Team Aqua Have 50 Aqua Pokemon.
Shady Transaction Buy something from Giovanni.
Laziness Ahoy! Use the Box Organizer 25 times.
Popular Trainer Have 15 friends on the RPG.
Pokemon Scholar Answer correctly when playing Who’s That Pokemon 15 times.
Die, die, die! Lose the "Roll The Die" minigame 10 times.
Lucky Spinner Win the "Spin the Pokeballs" minigame.
One Lucky Penny Win the "Coin Toss" minigame 10 times.
Rival Battle Beat Barry once.
Spoils of Victory Win a legend from Barry.


The Achievement Shop, found under "Pokemon," is the one and only place to spend achievement coins. This unique shop sells Pokemon for achievement coins.

Cost Pokemon
20Coins - 5 Coins 200.png

DarkMisdreavus ♂/♀ (Level: 50)

30 Coins - 10 Coins 599.png

DarkKlink (Level: 50)

40 Coins - 15 Coins 626.png

AquaBouffalant ♂/♀ (Level: 50)

50 Coins - 20 Coins 712.png

AquaBergmite ♂/♀ (Level: 50)

60 Coins - 30 Coins 590.png

MagmaFoongus ♂/♀ (Level: 50)

100 Coins - 35 Coins 580.png

ShinyDucklett ♂/♀ (Level: 50)

120 Coins - 50 Coins 244.png

ShinyEntei (Level: 50)

160 Coins - 50 Coins 243.png

ShinyRaikou (Level: 50)

220 Coins - 50 Coins 245.png

ShinySuicune (Level: 50)

280 Coins - 100 Coins 249.png

ShinyLugia (Level: 50)

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